the vitals

craig. 47. web developer & photographer. minneapolis, mn.

what is neongreen.com?

This is my personal site where I post about things I'm interested in or thinking about. I've also used it to post photos, but flickr handles that for now.

This site is also a place for me to learn and experiment. I coded the entire site by hand...twice, once in ASP/SQL and again in PHP/MySql. I do my best to use standard XHTML for markup and CSS for presentation.

why neongreen.com?

I'm pretty sure that a Kool Keith song influenced me. Check out this line: mp3 - 87kb. Other than that, there's no deep meaning to be found.


I'm currently hosting this site at Dreamhost. I find their features, uptime, and support simply terrific. It's cheap, too

Use the promo code "neongreen" when signing up for a new account to save $33.33.

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