In the next couple of days, maybe even tonight, I'm going to switch over to using WordPress.

I've started a couple of blogs in the last few weeks (announcement coming soon) and was using MovableType, which is really nice, but a little too cumbersome, with a seemingly high learning curve. Plus, the WordPress interface is more slick and the templates/themes seem easier to edit.

I thought about trying to import all of my current content and pages into WordPress, but am just going to start fresh.

Everything that's here now will remain intact, just at a different address.

Old stuff:

New stuff:

Seeing in 5D


I recently sold my Canon 20D, which I felt was a good move while it still had some value. Since then, I've been hired for a handful of photography gigs (a wedding and a couple of headshots) and am left with just my 1D Mark II N.

There is absolutely no way I will do any paid shooting without a backup camera on hand. The possibility of camera failure when someone is paying for results is just not something I can risk. Plus, there is a benefit to having two cameras with different lenses ready to go at all times.

I checked into rental rates for a backup body and was looking at about $150 a day. I couldn't bare the thought of paying that much per job and taking it out of my profits, so I invested in a Canon 5D of my own. It was a big decision, but I know it will pay off in the long run and retain its resale value when I upgrade in a year or so.

Between the 5D and 1D Mark II N with my arsenal of lenses, I have everything I need to cover most situations. Plus, the 5D gives me some things I haven't had before, namely, 12.8 megapixels and a full-frame sensor. The higher resolution will be perfect for jobs that require large prints, and the full-frame sensor lets me take full advantage of my wide angle lenses. I threw on the 16-35mm lens, and while I've used it on a film body before, it's incredible to see such a wide view on a digital SLR.

I'm anxious to take it out for a test drive, but may not get the chance until Sunday or next weekend.

Jens Dresling

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One of the benefits of having a friend in Denmark is that I get exposure to many of the great Danish photographers. In particular, I am struck by the work of Jens Dresling (Sorry, the site is in Danish).

Of all of the photographs I have seen, this one is among my favorites. There's something about it that strikes me. I think it's that it looks like it could be two separate photos, but is just one and looks surreal.

After seeing it for the first time, I must have looked at it at least once a day for a week or more. I started having dreams about it like I was there with Jens when he was taking the photo and he was handing me contact sheets after each roll of film. I can still picture some of the "outtakes" from the dream in my mind. Very strange.

My good friend, Brian, knows him and I am hoping to get a print of this photo someday. Maybe when I go to Denmark this summer...

Saddam Video


I just watched the video of Saddam's execution. I didn't know if I wanted to, but there was no way I could resist. Part of me wishes I could unwatch it.

5 Things You Didnít Know About Me


Sharyn tagged me and now I have to come up with this list. Here goes.

  1. In 4th grade I got busted by my teacher for making up dirty lyrics to "Jack and Diane" by John Cougar Mellencamp. My mom found out and gave me the choice of writing down the lyrics or singing my version to her. There was no way that I was going to suffer through singing it, so I wrote it down. No, I won't reveal my nasty lyrics here.
  2. About 7 years ago I had delusional fantasies of becoming an amateur bodybuilder. I was obsessive about my diet and went to the gym two or three times a day. That lasted about a year. I can't even do a single pull-up today.
  3. I miss working at Chanticlear Pizza. Dear Clockwork, I don't miss it that much.
  4. I played drums for a band that had a song featured on The Young And The Restless.
  5. I create music at least once a week with Reason, Logic, and Live. I've only ever let a few people hear it.
  6. Bonus item: I've been engaged.

Leigha and Jeremy, you're it.



Just a few minutes ago I was going out to return a movie and decided to take the elevator. That's a risky proposition in this building, as it's usually broken or behaving badly. Today was no exception.

Just as it got to the basement/garage level, instead of stopping, it dropped...hard. I was jolted and confused for a moment until the doors opened to reveal cinder blocks. My confusion immediately turned to panic and I felt my pocket for my cell phone. I pressed the basement button to see what would happen. The elevator corrected itself and opened normally. I jumped out of it like a nervous frog and immediately called maintenance.

Overall, I'm fine, but my knees feel a little stressed (they were locked at the time of impact). Maybe this is a sign that I should start taking the stairs more often...and have a beer to relax.

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