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Jens Dresling

One of the benefits of having a friend in Denmark is that I get exposure to many of the great Danish photographers. In particular, I am struck by the work of Jens Dresling (Sorry, the site is in Danish).

Of all of the photographs I have seen, this one is among my favorites. There's something about it that strikes me. I think it's that it looks like it could be two separate photos, but is just one and looks surreal.

After seeing it for the first time, I must have looked at it at least once a day for a week or more. I started having dreams about it like I was there with Jens when he was taking the photo and he was handing me contact sheets after each roll of film. I can still picture some of the "outtakes" from the dream in my mind. Very strange.

My good friend, Brian, knows him and I am hoping to get a print of this photo someday. Maybe when I go to Denmark this summer...


That photo is sick.

posted by Sharyn :: 05:46:08 AM on January 6th, 2007

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